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The initiative dëcoloиıze hellάş calls for an urgent re-viewing of the place of modern Greece in relation to geographies and genealogies of European colonialism.


New DH publications available for download!

Download PDFs of 3 mini-books of our first DH series, published by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Office in Greece ► DUŠAN I. BJELIĆ The Balkans and Black Marxism: Toward the Abolition of White Supremacy in Europe ► JULIAN GO Liberalism and Illiberalism: Α Postcolonial Approach ► GINA ATHENA ULYSSE A Call to Rasanblaj: Black Feminist ...


Notes on an Anticolonial Athens

There’s a history that flickers and never fully comes into focus. An anticolonial Athens. ...

Notes on Subalternist Cosmopolitics in Greece and its Neighborhoods

In the context of globalization and of post-conflict and humanitarian interventions, the hegemonic ideal of cosmopolitanism, as the universal ideal ...

Civilization, Again!

More than fifteen years ago Hamid Dabashi had written that, “The re-emergence of civilizational thinking at the last two decades ...

Bicentennial Celebration[s] of Nation[s], Revisited

In 1988, Australia marked the bicentenary of two hundred years of European settlement. The Australian bicentenary sparked a public contestation ...