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The initiative DECOLONIZE HELLAS calls for an urgent re-viewing of the place of modern Greece in relation to geographies and genealogies of European colonialism.


Decolonize this City! Anti-tour in Volos on February 20th

On February 20th anthropology students from the University of Thessaly in collaboration with decolonize hellas will lead a participatory anti-tour of the city of Volos at the turn of the 20th century. ...

(De)facing Patriarchies at the Mediterranean Borders: Τhe decolonial at stake for Mizrahi and Basque feminisms

This webinar is a follow up of the thematic "Decolonizing Gender - Feminist Methodologies," started in the symposium of our initiative ...

Τhe online bibliography that Boaventura de Sousa Santos promised us

The open access bibliography that Santos told us during his presentation that he would send us... ...

Participants in the Student Network Assembly

Participants in the "Decolonize the University!" Assembly ...

Join us Nov 4-7 for our first international hybrid nomadic symposium “Decolonizing Hellas: Imperial Pasts, Contested Presents, Emancipated Futures, 1821-2021.”

Online and in situ - at PLYFA Industrial Park, Koritsas 39 in Votanikos, Athens, from 4 to 7 November 2021. ...


Notes on an Anticolonial Athens

There’s a history that flickers and never fully comes into focus. An anticolonial Athens. ...

Defacement and/as Historical Redress

In 1963 the Order of AHEPA (Greek Organization of Americans of Hellenic Descent) commissioned Felix de Weldon, the sculptor of ...

Notes on Subalternist Cosmopolitics in Greece and its Neighborhoods

In the context of globalization and of post-conflict and humanitarian interventions, the hegemonic ideal of cosmopolitanism, as the universal ideal ...

Civilization, Again!

More than fifteen years ago Hamid Dabashi had written that, “The re-emergence of civilizational thinking at the last two decades ...