We have organized a series of webinars related to our thematic clusters with the participation of local and international scholars, as well as activists and cultural producers.

Cosmopolitics, Heteropolitics, and Epistemologies of the South: Discourses on Decoloniality in Greece, between Theory and Activism

This workshop was organized by the initiative Decolonize Hellas, under the cluster of Cosmopolitanisms/Cosmopolitics. Within that context and, more broadly, within our critique on the self- and hetero-colonizing processes of the hegemonic discourse of Western epistemology and white supremacy, we ...

The Ottoman Acropolis: Entangled Biographies, Shared Heritage

In this discussion, part of a series of activities on Decolonizing the Acropolis, we presented and discussed the historical, archaeological, architectural, artistic, and other evidence on the Ottoman lives of the Acropolis landscape ...

Anti-tour as Decolonizing Methodology

This webinar brought together decolonial activist groups, cultural workers and academics from Tanzania, Germany, Italy and Greece who have experimented with the anti-tour as a practice of grassroots pedagogy and political intervention. ...

(De)facing Patriarchies at the Mediterranean Borders: Τhe decolonial at stake for Mizrahi and Basque feminisms

This webinar is a follow up of the thematic "Decolonizing Gender - Feminist Methodologies," started in the symposium of our initiative ...

Decolonize Hellas/Decolonize the Balkans and Eastern Europe: A first contact

This workshop raised issues related to the study of the enlarged Balkan space in the global discussion on decoloniality. ...