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The City Talks Back — Circular Movements: Imagining an Anticolonial Athens

A radio conversation, an anticolonial imagination.

The Ottoman Acropolis: Entangled Biographies, Shared Heritage

In this discussion, part of a series of activities on Decolonizing the Acropolis, we presented and discussed the historical, archaeological, architectural, artistic, and other evidence on the Ottoman lives of the Acropolis landscape

Notes on an Anticolonial Athens

There’s a history that flickers and never fully comes into focus. An anticolonial Athens.

Anti-tour as Decolonizing Methodology

This webinar brought together decolonial activist groups, cultural workers and academics from Tanzania, Germany, Italy and Greece who have experimented with the anti-tour as a practice of grassroots pedagogy and political intervention.

Defacement and/as Historical Redress

In 1963 the Order of AHEPA (Greek Organization of Americans of Hellenic Descent) commissioned Felix de Weldon, the sculptor of the iconic Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington

Bicentennial Celebration[s] of Nation[s], Revisited

In 1988, Australia marked the bicentenary of two hundred years of European settlement. The Australian bicentenary sparked a public contestation over how to frame the nation’s history.