• Do you write music and songs that do not fit into the “national culture” narrative?
  • Do you feel that your personal and/or social identity is confined under the narrow category of a “Greek artist”?
  • Do you see your artistic concerns as part of your activist action?
  • Do you share the urgency of the global decolonial movements and their struggles against capitalism, racism, sexism and xenophobia?
  • Do you envision more sustainable, inclusive and emancipated futures for you and your art?



  • Send us your recorded songs, compositions, sound fragments, soundscapes, or audiovisual works (new works or already existing – maximum duration: 10 min.) that can widen the scope of the discussion on music and artistic creation and creators in Greece.
  • Join your voice, sounds and images with ours in the dëcoloиıze hellάş initiative; together we can intensify the struggle for creativity that goes beyond the boundaries of nation, racial discrimination and gender stereotypes.


You and your creation can join the artistic actions and panel discussions that will be held in the hybrid symposium of our initiative in early November 2021.

You can submit your work here up until October 15, 2021.

For any further information, please contact us at