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Podcast for our open conversation with Boaventura de Sousa Santos in Thessaloniki

Podcast for our open conversation with Boaventura de Sousa Santos in Thessaloniki on Sept. 30, 2022

Open hybrid lecture/discussion with Boaventura de Sousa Santos on Friday September 30, 2022

We hope you will join us in Thessaloniki or online for this discussion with

(De)facing Patriarchies at the Mediterranean Borders: Τhe decolonial at stake for Mizrahi and Basque feminisms

This webinar is a follow up of the thematic “Decolonizing Gender – Feminist Methodologies,” started in the symposium of our initiative

Notes on Subalternist Cosmopolitics in Greece and its Neighborhoods

In the context of globalization and of post-conflict and humanitarian interventions, the hegemonic ideal of cosmopolitanism, as the universal ideal of both European Enlightenment and the colonial civilizing mission, is been strongly contested. The very same context is also testing the limits of cultural relativism and human rights discourses which endow today’s neo-cosmopolitan hegemonic and unilateral legal practices with significance

Cosmopolitics, Heteropolitics, and Epistemologies of the South: Discourses on Decoloniality in Greece, between Theory and Activism

This workshop was organized by the initiative Decolonize Hellas, under the cluster of Cosmopolitanisms/Cosmopolitics. Within that context and, more broadly, within our critique on the self- and hetero-colonizing processes of the hegemonic discourse of Western epistemology and white supremacy, we looked into the meanings and transformations of classic Cosmopolitanism, as they have appeared in the era of Colonization and as they survive in the present

Civilization, Again!

More than fifteen years ago Hamid Dabashi had written that, “The re-emergence of civilizational thinking at the last two decades of the 20th century…

Decolonize Hellas/Decolonize the Balkans and Eastern Europe: A first contact

This workshop raised issues related to the study of the enlarged Balkan space in the global discussion on decoloniality.